YA2011 rev1Yohanes Abdullah is regarded by many as the developer and implementer of Balanced Scorecard (BSC). He started with an Oil & Gas Company based in Indonesia since 2007. He is very curious to learn more best practices of strategy execution, eventually he gets more involve with many organizations including non-profit organization in developing BSC, sometime he came up with the typical method and unique approach to ensure workable BSC implementation. For his accomplishment, Yohanes granted the 2010 Leadership Award for category Overall Performance Management from Ventana Research, CA, USA.

Yohanes Abdullah has wide experiences in developing Balanced Scorecard for various organizations such as PPATK (Pusat Pelaporan Analisa Transaksi Keuangan), BPJS Kesehatan, PT KPEI (Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia), Pemkot Cilegon, Wiratman & Associates, PT Multi Strada Achilles, Kementerian Luar Negeri, Oil & Gas Company Upstream, PT MNJ Konimex, PT Pelni, PLN, MBSS, SAPA (Sentra Pelayanan Agribisnis), SMP 12 Bekasi, Koperasi Pekerja CNOOC, PT Indosat, Serikat Pekerja FORKKAM, BPKP, IPMOMI, Kementerian ESDM.

What make BSC interesting?, because BSC is not only a matter of measuring organization performance, but more than that, BSC is derived from vision, mission, value, and strategy. So BSC is not only applicable for organization, but also useful for our personal life. One of our mission exist in this planet is to create added value, so we can optimize value creation in our personal life by defining our vision, mission,  strategy, and goals, then using BSC framework, hopefully our life will be easy and balanced.

The balanced scorecard is now widely popular especially for businesses that aim to measure their performance. it is vital to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the company so that it will be easy to reach the strategic goals. Now, there is no doubt that we have our own individual goals that we would like to achieve. One way for us to know whether we are taking the right steps towards progress is to make use of the personal balanced scorecard. As we can see, the BSC is truly a versatile tool which can also be utilized for private reasons.

Yohanes Abdullah was born in Payakumbuh, graduate in 1987 from Industrial Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology and Magister Management of Prasetya Mulia in 2001. He likes Balanced Scorecard, since BSC is challenging and effective tool to make our business and personal life easy and balanced.

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